Fine Arts Faculty

Mission: "Art and Culture in the Third Millennium"


We are a faculty that creates and encourages the aesthetic culture in the Coffee region, which provides teaching, research and extension programs services to undergraduate, graduate and non-formal education in: visual arts, music, performing arts, languages, philosophy and humanities.

The social and economic goals for our teachers are: recognition of artistic, intellectual and educational production and specialized teaching development. For our target population we seek the integral formation with quality and excellence. Our work and social behavior are guided by the principles of: transparency, responsiveness, ethics, creativity and respect for differences in accordance with the guiding principles of the UTP.


Educational Project (PEFBAH):  The Educational Project of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Humanities is made up of a set of policies and strategies planned by the academic community, to determine academic and administrative guidelines and screening at the community level, consistent with international, national, departmental and institutional policies.

Justification: Guides the academic, research and extension activities of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Humanities. Allows integration of the academic community, self-realization, lifelong learning and empowerment of each participant in a balanced organizational climate. Ensures implementation of policies, procedures and methods of self-regulation. Improves the image and increases the impact of the Faculty in the regional and national levels. Ensures the participation of the academic community in decision-making processes. Guides academic activities to develop the potential of the participant. Creates opportunities for the faculty to relate with the environment.


  • Academic and administrative excellence.
  • Promotion of the education, the arts and the culture.
  • Membership in the national and international academic communities.
  • Integration of the teaching, research and extension functions.
  • Promotion of research and development.
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Development of human talent.
  • Interaction with all levels of education.
  • Interaction with the environment.



  • Academic and administrative modernization and flexibility.
  • Diversification and accreditation of the programs.
  • Development of teamwork and academic communities within and between institutions.
  • Maintain a good organizational climate.
  • Improve the communication system and connection to national and international
  • networks.
  • Maintenance of the supply system for the human, physical and financial resources. Opening of academic programs in the form of open and distance learning (ODL).
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