Resolution 2250 (dated - 30 June 2005)

The Ministry of Education, Republic of Colombia

Awarding body in the act of accreditation and certificate of excellence granted to the UTP.

The minister of education

Through the powers invested in her by Law 30 of 1992 and with particular reference to Decree 2904 of 1994;


Of the fact that the Univerisidad Tecnológica Pereira requested accreditation as a national institution of higher education to the National Council of Accreditation (C.N.A.);

And bearing in mind

That the act of accreditation is the means by which the State publicly recognises the status of the University as an institution of higher education; therein implying an avowal on the part of the government that the university has met with the stringent assessment criteria in the field of academic programming, organisation, social obligation and engagement.

Therefore accepting

That the current standards for accreditation have been met and

Taking into account not only

The University’s own detailed self-evaluation and subsequent analysis

But also  the evaluation conducted by independent academic assessors

THE MINISTER OF EDUCATION AGREES with the general consensus of the National Council of Accreditation (C.N.A.) that declared the following on 22nd and 23rd June 2005:

"It has been demonstrated that the Universidad Tecnológica Pereira has achieved the standards of quality stipulated in the relevant statutes.  It is therefore officially accredited as an institution of higher education.

Moreover it has been brought to the attention of the National Congress of Accreditation that the University has achieved outstanding results in the following areas:

  • The decision taken by the University and its Heads to integrate Information Technology programmes with those of the Humanities Department as well as certain basic Natural Sciences so as to respond better to the current social context and to the needs of the students.
  • The ever-increasing commitment of the University to its standards of quality.
  • The constant attention given to research projects in all departments.
  • The importance of a schematic vision in the planning of the university’s development and the punctual fulfilment of its objectives.
  • The holistic approach to education adopted with a view to forming highly competent and morally grounded human beings.
  • The university’s responsibility to the region and outstanding conduct in all matters pertaining to the environment.
  • The culture of self-evaluation that has contributed to the sustained and noteworthy development of the university over the last few years."

In the light of these achievements the National Council of Accreditation – C.N.A. – deems it fitting that this House grant Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira Institutional Accreditation, valid for a period of seven years from the moment of execution. This House validates the decision of the National Council of Accreditation and upholds the judgement of the academic assessors with respect to the quality of Universidad Tecnológica Pereira’s academic programmes, its organisation and its social obligation and engagement.

As a result of this the Minister of Education resolves


to grant the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira Institutional Accreditation for a seven-year period as of the moment of its execution.


That the decision taken in Article 1 be registered in the National Database of Higher Institutions (S.N.I.E.S.).


That this resolution be considered legitimate as from the moment it is registered in the National Database of Higher Institutions (S.N.I.E.S.), as is declared mandatory by the Judicial Administration Code, article 44, item 4.


That a copy of said resolution be made available to the National Council of Accreditation for its records.


That said resolution will take authority from the moment it is registered in the S.N.I.E.S.


Declared and Realised

In Bogota D.C. on the 30th June 2005.

The Minister of Education Cecilia Maria Velez White

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