Faculty of Environmental Sciences


We are a scientific and academic community that leads, generates and socializes the environmental knowledge. We are a member of the Technological University of Pereira, that carries out teaching, research and outreach processes and focuses its resources to the knowledge and management of environmental systems.

We serve the academic community and civil society for the collective construction of solutions to problem situations and the use of environmental opportunities for sustainable human development in the local, regional, national and international levels. We design, implement and encourage alternative technologies and methodologies to help improve the quality of life with social equity, based on the principles and values ??of the university.


The Faculty of Environmental Sciences, as a part of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, leads environmental management through teaching, researching and social outreaching. The Faculty serves the academic community, government and social organizations at a regional, national and international level, with technologies oriented on the sustainable human development. It has trained staff, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, modern infrastructure, consolidated research groups and international cooperation. Works in interdisciplinary teams integrated with the community, respecting human dignity and environmental conservation with equity and social justice.

Description of the Interdisciplinary Department

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, is the academic unit responsible for the cultural area and for the interdisciplinary developments in undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered by the Faculty.

It has an appropriate group of teachers and researchers in different fields: Anthropology, History, Sociology, Philosophy, Communication, Environmental Education, Sustainable Tourism, Environmental Administration, etc. that works in synergy with the other teachers of the basic environmental and administrative areas.

It is currently responsible for the Professional and Occupational Profile in Cultural Environmental Management of the undergraduate program of Environmental Management. It is committed to strengthen the core thematic of environmental culture, while directing the contents of the PhD program in Environmental Sciences (together with the Universidad del Valle and Universidad del Cauca), in the area of ??emphasis: Culture and Environment.

Since its conception, the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies was conceived as an academic and administrative body of strategic importance to promote interdisciplinary studies in the environmental field. It has worked towards strengthening academic processes that train environmental directors with interdisciplinary criteria. Its incidence has been reflected in processes such as: Defining the Core themes and issues in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, the modernization of Environmental Management Program and, finally, the process of Joint Planning of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Internships.

Its current director is the Ph.D. anthropologist Carlos Eduardo Lopez and as professors the PhDs Ana Patricia Quintana, Leon Felipe Cubillos and Hugo Lopez Martinez. The assistant professors are: Carlos Ignacio Jimenez, Herney Patiño, Carolina Díaz and Carolina Saldarriaga.

The Department has the Management in Culture and Environmental Education Research Group, recognized by COLCIENCIAS in Category C.

This group carries out projects regarding the diagnosis, analysis and management of cultural processes related to environmental awareness, promoting interdisciplinary approaches around the epistemological construction, the heritage recovery and social practices concerning environmental sustainability. Its research interests are:

  • Historical Ecology and Cultural Heritage
  • Environmental Education and Communication
  • Social Organizations and Environmental Conflicts (Part of Risk Management)
  • Cultural Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Tourism

Its Mission is to develop studies on historical and political relations between nature and culture, interpretation / resolution of environmental conflicts and the strengthening of social organizations for the environmental management through research and implementation of strategies in education, environmental communication and cultural management.

Its Vision is to be a source of information and develop research, teaching and outreach on environmental issues in cultural dimension. It is based on the theoretical and practical education of undergraduate and postgraduate students, to carry out research projects, consultancies and sustainable social development.

Description of the Basic Sciences Department

The Department of Environmental Basic Sciences is part of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. This department coordinates academic activities that use the knowledge of undergraduate students in Environmental Management in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Technology for the conservation and preservation of the environment. It gets support from other Faculties of the U.T.P. such as Basic Sciences and the School of Chemical Technology.

Since its inception, the Department has led interdisciplinary research processes in the Faculty, in areas such as vegetation biotechnology, biodiversity, water and sanitation, solid waste, agro-ecology, environmental goods and services, climate change, among others; while contributing to the solution of environmental problems in Risaralda and the Colombian Coffee Region.

In conjunction with the Postgraduate Office of the Faculty, this department has led the Masters in Vegetation Biology (an Agreement between the Universidad de Caldas, Universidad del Quindio and UTP), the Masters in Ecotechnology and the new Masters in Environmental Sciences. It also participates actively in the Doctorate in Environmental Sciences (an Agreement between the Universidad del Cauca, Universidad del Valle, and UTP).

The Department has the following research interests:

  • Biodiversity and Biotechnology (GIBB)
  • Water and Sanitation (GIAS)
  • Tropical Andean Agriecosystem Management (GATA)

Description of the Department of Administrative Sciences

The Department of Administrative Sciences is responsible for the education of economic, financial and accounting of the program of Environmental Management.

It plans and develops jointly with teaching, researching and outreaching, the solution of environmental problems according to the needs of the society, within the context of Sustainable Development and with a systems approach.

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