Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty 

The Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira in his eagerness to be at the forefront with the latest technological trends has articulated a program to link these features and create impact on the application of skills in the field of mechanics. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering seeks to train professionals who are leaders, able to transmit efficiently, the technological and scientific knowledge. Likewise, it is in charge of managing, investigating and keeping the areas of thermal sciences, machine design, dynamic systems and control, as well as materials and manufacture.


The Mission of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to transmit, generate, and apply knowledge in the field of mechanical engineering and embrace the overall education of the community, for the good of society.


The Vision of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is to be by 2019 a high quality program, accredited and recognized nationally and internationally, integrated into the world of knowledge in academic, technological, social and educational aspects.


General Objective

Ensure the existence by 2019 of a system that integrates research, teaching and extension through lines of program development, with physical and human resources that ensure high quality performance and effective integration into the world of knowledge and a significant contribution to the regional and national development in the technological, social, economic and educational aspects.

Specific Objectives

  • Create and consolidate the research interests and groups relevant to the development plan.
  • Upgrade and accredit existing academic programs.
  • Achieve public and private recognition for the research activity developed.
  • Strengthen the sense of identity and belonging of different segments of the faculty through welfare programs and human development.
  • Have physical and human resources that respond to different existing programs and projects.
  • Influence dramatically in the social development of the region through programs, projects and activities to improve the living standards of the community.
  • Sign technological, social and educational agreements with national international institutions.
  • Disseminate nationally and internationally the academic and research output.
  • Establish long lasting bonds with graduates to sustain the relevance of the program, continuing education and social outreach of knowledge.
  • Create research bonds with industrial companies and the State for the development of projects that increase regional and national competitiveness
  • Achieve recognition and implementation of the proposed organizational restructuring of the faculty.
  • Qualify students to successfully meet the new statewide assessment paradigms (SABERPRO).
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