Faculty of Technology


The Faculty of Technology is an academic community attached to the UTP, which develops and provides training services of high quality for undergraduate and postgraduate students, to contribute to the technological advancement of the production activity and achieve institutional strengthening and leadership through the integration and coordination with other faculties and departments of the University.


The Faculty of Technology will be in five years a leading center for training and development of technological innovation of the national level.


General Objective

Consolidate the Faculty as a leader in the training process of scientific and technological development in line with emerging economies.

Specific Objectives

To conduct a leading academic reform in order to have foundations in basic technological, specific technological and supplementation cycles.

Support the teaching and extension in the research process. Link the academic activities of the Faculty with the formulation and implementation of plans of economic and social development of the local and national institutions.

Encourage creative and entrepreneurial capacity in the students.

Promote the use of new teaching-learning technologies to allow more coverage.

Work with University Welfare in teaching ethics, values ??and social promotion.

Modernize the organizational structure of the Faculty. Modernize the facilities and equipment and software for teaching as well as the research laboratories.
Update the library resources for academic programs of the Faculty.

Startup Research Groups

  • Iotechnology - natural products
  • Research and development in physics. Aleph
  • Researchers in innovation in organizations. Siio
  • Startup research in mechatronic applications development for internal combustion engines
  • SIAF
  • Sielqui. Electrochemistry
  • Sime (Startup research in lean manufacturing)
  • Mechatronic systems


The Chemical Technology program has an adequate physical plant represented in laboratories for practical work in the areas of: Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry II, Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Food Analysis, Chemistry I, Chemistry II Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry III, Organic Analysis, Instrumental Analysis I, Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis I, Laboratory of Instrumental Analysis II and Microbiology.

The Chemical Technology program is a program accredited by the resolution 708 of February 19th 2007, issued by the Ministry of Education.

The laboratories have the basic equipment required for the development of academic practices.

The Laboratories available to the faculty are:

  • Laboratory of machine tools, CNC.
  • Laboratory of Mechatronics and models
  • Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engines,
  • Laboratory of Injection, and Science of the Materials.
  • Dimensional Metrology Laboratory.

Research Groups

  •  Administrative, economic and financial. “Giafar”
  • Biotechnology - natural products
  • Study of water resources. "Gerh"
  • Research Group in economics and technology. “Giecotec”
  • Research group in photocatalysis and solid state
  • Research on technological capabilities of organizations. "GICTO"
  • R&D Laboratory in electronics and robotics.
  • Logistics: supply chain strategy
  • Engineering Materials
  • New technologies and tools for production management
  • Oil chemistry
  • Utp Polyphenols
  • Productivity and competitiveness in organizations. “GIPCO”
  • Grounding for electrical systems
  • Mechanical Technology


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