Diagnostic or placement test


The Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT) is an international language test taken by  UTP’s entering students; namely registered and admitted students, whose primary aim is to measure learners’ proficiency so that they can be properly placed in one of the English Language courses offered by ILEX.   

The test is administered prior to the start of classes in the academic semester.
It is free of charge and is administered  online at different UTP’s Computer labs available for students. 

Skills Measured

The Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT)  measures two skills:  USE OF ENGLISH, which emphasizes on the Grammar Component of the language in simulated models and LISTENING, which consists of listening exercises in which learners must select one correct answer from a multiple choice list.

From the average results obtained in these two skills,  an indicator of the learners’ proficiency level is obtained based on international standards such as the CEFRL, this result is then adapted by ILEX to the language policies established at UTP.

Minimun Passing Grade

There is no minimum passing grade per se but an indicator of where to place a student, from a range of eight courses, E.g.: Courses 1  to 8.

It is relevant to point out that each course has a lenght of 64 in-class hours per semester, having a timetable of 4 hours a week ( either in two Split 2-hour sessions during the week or a 4-hour session on Saturdays)   


Twice a year prior to the start of the Academic semester.

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