Remedial test


ILEX adopted its educational model and general curriculum based on the standards provided by the CEFRL. Such standards advise that the minimum passing grade for a learner to be promoted to the next level and/or course must be one of the 70 %.  

The Grading system at UTP presents a scale in which a student can be qualitatively assessed with a grade ranging from 0.0 to 5.0; therefore, the minimum passing grade would be 3.5 ( 70%).

However, after extensive research was conducted by ILEX’s Academic team, considering not only quantitative but also qualitative components, it was determined that students obtaining a grade of 60%  to  69%; namely a grade ranging from 3.0 to 3.4 over 5 could eventually demonstrate that they possess the minimum passing competences in order to be promoted to the next course, by presenting an additional test after a brief process of Autonomous Learning.

Skills Tested

The remedial test focuses on the 4 language skills : Writing and Speaking ( productive skills) and Listening and Reading ( receptive skills)

Minimun Passing Grade

Regarding the remedial test, the minimum passing grade is equivalent  to the 60% - as a general average  of the 4 skills, that is to say a grade of 3.0.


Right after the culmination of each of the courses scheduled every year,  which may vary from 4 to 6 tests ( though with the new Language policies, this scheme would be established  for 5 tests a year). Learners may opt to take the test in what they consider the most convenient date.


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