English language proficiency test


As part of the Language Policies established at UTP as well as the different regulations that have been stipulated in the Handbook for students, every student shall demonstrate proficiency in a second language as part of the graduation requirements.  
Regarding official foreign languages ( German, French, etc) different from English, students shall demonstrated proficiency supported by internationally recognized tests and present an approval request to ILEX in order to render it valid.
In the case of English,  UTP offers a complete and comprehensive EFL program through ILEX, which is regulated according to the current agreements that govern the Language learning program and specify the number of hours ( or courses) that students must fulfill.
Notwithstanding, if a student decides not to take the courses ( meaning that he does not enroll), he/she may opt to take the proficiency test in order to demonstrate that he possesses the required language competences, and as a result, does not require to complete the free language program to which he is entitled as a UTP student.  
Proficiency tests are designed by an expert ELT team affiliated to ILEX and are based on high quality models as well as international standards.
Every student may opt to take the test if he/she wishes so. The test is completely free of charge; however, if the student fails the test, there is a minimal fee to be covered in order to take the proficiency test for a second time.

Skills Tested

The proficiency test evaluates the 4 skills in a  quite specific and differentiated way, namely: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. This test is administered to quite numerous student populations and takes place in auditoriums and different classrooms, under parameters of rigurosity regarding minimum noise levels and adequate environmental conditions for the test.
In addition, an expert team of Teachers and support staff ( 25 people aprox.) make part of the accompanying team for the administration and assessment of the results.

Minimun Passing Grade

It depends on the Academic program the student belongs to  (Technical, Technological, Professional) and the number of courses established as a requirement in the Handbook for students, which may vary from 2 to 8 courses ( with a lenght of 64 hours each)
Students must demonstrate Proficiency levels ranging from A2 to basic B1.


Four times a year at specific dates published by ILEX.


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