Mision and Vision

Mission Statement

UTP’s Institute of Foreign Languages (ILEX), is an academic and administrative office from Technological University of Pereira (UTP).  The aim of the institute is to promote state-of-the-art teaching and learning environments for the acquisition of communicative competences in Foreign Languages. Our institutional processes seek to boost the competitiveness profile of our target population both nationwide and internationally. ILEX courses are carefully designed to properly address 21st century internationalization and intercultural needs, by carrying out continuous Institutional amelioration processes in order to achieve excellence and innovation.


Vision Statement

By 2025, UTP’s Institute of Foreign Languages (ILEX) will have established itself as the leading language Institute of the Region. ILEX will achieve a preeminent role in the consolidation and development of Blended-learning courses as well as other technology-enhanced learning modalities, contributing to the consolidation of highly competitive international language users.

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