Master in Management of Human and Organizational Development


General Objective

Train researchers with a social sense, realistic, critical and objective and capable of addressing research projects and studies related to the development of different types of organizations (public and private), emphasizing the use of human talent.
Train organizational leaders and professional leaders that lead human and organizational processes that increase productivity and competitiveness, with emphasis on results.

Occupational Profile

The graduate of this program will be able to design, propose, implement and / or monitor:

  • Programs, projects and research activities around human and organizational development topics.
  • Organizational Diagnosis
  • Planning and strategic management programs.
  • Design and / or redesign of organizational structures.
  • Engineering education with emphasis on processes, procedures and functions by processes.
  • Teamwork processes.
  • Systems of Quality assurance.
  • Cost and budget systems in the area of ??human talent.
  • Management systems based on indicators.
  • Recruitment and selection systems.
  • Program for Training and Re-Training staff members.
  • Salary structure systems.
  • Hiring and contracting processes, disciplinary issues.
  • Programs of occupational health, industrial hygiene and safety.
  • Plans, programs and activities related to social welfare work.
  • Plans and training programs, training and personnel training.
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