Master in Integrated Quality Management Systems

General and Specific Objectives

Train managers, professionals and researchers in the philosophical, technical and management aspects that lead to create a culture of quality for the implementation of integrated quality management systems, based on relevant standards, according to organizational needs, assuring and improving the quality while facilitating the accreditation and / or certification with the competent bodies.

Professional and Occupational Profile

The knowledge acquired through the program skills enables to:

  • Design and implement systems of quality management.
  • Conduct or coordinate a Department of Quality Management.
  • Be an Advisor / Consultant of Quality Management Systems.
  • Analyze and calculate non quality costs.
  • Collect, organize, evaluate and analyze statistical information relating to statistical process control
  • Implement ISO 9000 and other rules related to any company.
  • Perform quality audits.
  • Develop programs of education and training in statistical process control and technical standardization.
  • Serve as a facilitator or trainer in the organization in all matters relating to quality.
  • Develop research processes in all matters related to Integrated Quality Management Systems.
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