BA in Spanish and Literature

Introduction: The community demands autonomous and critical thinkers towards the social phenomena that encourage citizens to understand and interpret the world in various ways. Similarly, the need to have trained professionals to teach oral and written language and literary techniques with all the formalities is required. The Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira offers the degree in Spanish and Literature, with the intention of responding to these paradigms, training professional with high human quality and ethics.


The Degree program in Spanish and Literature is focused in training teachers with emphasis on the Language and Literature Science. The teachers will initially acquire a solid theoretical structure their knowledge, which is a condition that enables them to appropriate teaching skills in order to transmit knowledge and stimulate inquiry and production processes in the areas of the program.

As a program of the Faculty of Education of the UTP, it pursues to train teachers who know their subject (language and literature) thoroughly.

The degree program in Spanish and Literature responds to the policies of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira when it states the need to "train educators in different spheres of human activity as required by the country and especially our area of influence."

The program is structured on the basis of the training of educators and researchers in the fields of Spanish and Literature. This is achieved by the contents of the areas of Spanish, Literature, Foreign Language, Education, Ethics and Citizenship Education.

Specific Objectives

  • Prepare teachers of language and literature for high school education.
  • To train academically qualified graduates to access to higher levels of education.
  • Educate researchers in the study of literature and language.
  • Promote basic preparation for text criticism.
  • Encourage the usage of language as an art and supplement the literary creation with the technical and formal aspects.
  • Provide the student population in the region to be educated not only in the specific knowledge from the theoretical point of view, but to encourage individual creative processes and provide the space for research of the interesting cultural processes that the Colombian Coffee region is having nowadays.
  • From the theoretical and practical training offered by the program there is a need for a cultural characterization of literature and of the linguistic context in the Colombian Coffee region.
  • Develop outreach programs for the local community through workshops and seminars in both disciplines, in addition to serving the foreign community through Spanish as a second language courses.

Professional Profile

The graduate will be able to:

  • Plan, implement and evaluate research projects formulated within the areas of training.
  • Encourage in the student community the artistic and literary creation through their own teaching and writing.
  • Conduct interdisciplinary work with teachers and members of the academic community.
  • Assess research and creative work and that of others, including their own students.

Occupational Profile

The graduate may work as:

  • The BA in Spanish and Literature serves primarily as a high school teacher of Spanish and Literature.
  • Conducts research in language and literature.
  • Becomes a cultural manager within his/her fields of training.
  • Has a basic preparation for text criticism.


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