Master in Linguistics

The economic, social and political conditions in the Colombian Coffee Region create a perfect space of reflection from different fields of social sciences. One of the manifestations that identify the region is their linguistic expressions which, with the above conditions, form a way of being in the context and communicate within it, structuring a symbolic world with its own specific language.

The MS program in Linguistics with an emphasis in Language and Society, intends to impact the social, linguistic and educational aspects by training linguists at an advanced level to describe, analyze and explain that linguistic, cultural and education characterization in the region; and undertake further research projects aimed at a better understanding of the regional idiosyncrasies expressed in their everyday behavior. This knowledge is expected to be derived from research projects related to the man and his region and to improve the quality of life and education at all levels.

The most important claim of the academic program is to train researchers in the Science of Language, in a field as specific as social interaction influenced by the use of language and contextual factors.

General Information

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General Objectives

  • Meet the academic demand of the graduates of the School of Spanish and Communication Studies of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, and other academic programs and institutions to qualify in the Language Sciences.
  • To provide a space where academic excellence is shared, fortified and more knowledge and methodologies are gained regarding the linguistic research, in order to apply it in different cultural environments.
  • Provide students with the theoretical means to understand, research and explain the various issues involved in the study of language in both its formal phase as its contextual use. 

Specific Objectives 

Provide the necessary theoretical and methodological elements for:

  • Consolidate the institutional effort of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira to develop linguistic studies in the region.
  • Train teachers and researchers in Language Sciences at the level of Masters.
  • Understand, analyze and explain the sociolinguistic and pragmatic reality in the Colombian Coffee Region and study their variations at different levels of language.
  • Study language in different contexts of use and structural complexity.
  • Perform, coordinate and conduct research processes in the current use of the language and sociolinguistic, ethno-linguistic and pragmatic implications.
  • Create and strengthen an academic area where they provide the needed language training in order for the graduates to be able to teach linguistics at any level of education.
  • Train teacher with the ability to give advice to groups and educational institutions in the research of sociolinguistic and discursive problems in their relation with teaching and learning the mother tongue.
  • Train linguists that are able to integrate in interdisciplinary research groups.


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