Master in Education

The Master in Education has as its main purpose the training of researchers in the field of disciplinary and interdisciplinary education. Focused on the development of educational research competence, it provides training with an emphasis on teaching, in order to allow active teachers qualify their practices and professional performance.

The Master has qualified registration, according to Resolution No. 4634 of August 13, 2007 of the Secretary of Education.

General Objective: To train Masters in Education with research, communication, argumentation and explanation skills, which base their professional practice in the research on their being, their knowledge and their work, allowing them to intervene and transform their pedagogical-didactic praxis through an educational project that impacts the institutional, local, regional and national levels.

Specific Objectives

  • Reflect critically on the sociopolitical situation of education in global and local contexts as a framework for thinking about viable alternatives for education and teaching in these contexts.
  • Study the pedagogical practice of the participants to identify relevant problems, design and execute disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects that contribute to the strengthening of educational research at the local and general levels.
  • Analyze the different pedagogical, curriculum and teaching approaches in the light of new trends in knowledge management, to contribute to strengthening the culture of educational research and teaching.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate research proposals for teaching and learning in areas such as natural sciences, social sciences, language, and computers.
  • Promote a consistent link of the specific disciplinary knowledge of teaching, learning pedagogy, didactics, pedagogical practice and research.
  • To train researchers for the establishment and consolidation of research groups within the academic community to contribute to the transformation of educational settings.

Graduate Profile

  • Graduates of the Master in Education can work efficiently on the following social responsibilities:
  • As a researcher in the learning areas he/she teaches.
  • As a qualified teacher in disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas.
  • In the construction and development of proposals and curriculum innovations in the teaching of different disciplines.
  • In construction and administration of educational programs and educational training for teachers.
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