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Education, besides being the basis for the development of any society, is also one of the cardinal points that allows the cognitive transition every human being. The Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira in his need to propose ideas that improve the social processes offers among its programs, degrees in the human field as, the School of Social Sciences, the Spanish School, Audiovisual Communication Studies and the Department of Psychology. The Faculty of Education seeks to train managers who will be oriented to humanism, with knowledge and skills in various fields and for different groups of people. Its involvement in the social tissue is of vital importance, since they are the ones with a new vision for teaching the young and the children.


The Faculty of Education has the mission of training Education professionals and other educators in all levels of the education system, including the non-formal and informal education.

It develops research process as a condition for scientific, technological and humanistic advance in the field of education and teaching, participating in educational networks at a local, regional, national and international level.

Develop learning processes inherent to teaching and assuming a commitment to the institutions of the region, including the family, the society and the media.
Develop screening processes to the community through formal, non formal and informal education.


  • Develop, implement and manage in a rational and efficient way the various programs and processes of teaching, research and extension related to the field of Education.
  • Develop teacher training processes according to the current educational requirements with pedagogy as a cornerstone of education and the future perspective.
  • Develop research as a fundamental condition in order for the Department to consolidate as an excellence academic entity in training teachers.
  • Promote and support programs and / or agreements for the training of researchers through master's programs, doctoral, postdoctoral, internships in national and foreign institutions.
  • Encourage research capacity to identify and raise issues and propose solutions based on development and educational needs or requirements of the region.
  • Develop outreach programs for the needs and demands of the region.
  • Develop wellness programs articulated with the Welfare System of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira.
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