Guiding Principles


It is the institution's capacity to self-determine their academic, administrative and financial management.



It is the ability to take measures for critical reflection and responsible reflection.


Social dimension of knowledge:

The creation and transmission of knowledge. It is aimed at promoting the development of production processes and improving the living standards of each society.



It is the ability to base and generate academic (teaching, research and extension, administrative and human development) of excellence, from the various epistemological and theoretical possibilities to achieve the purposes and policies of the university.


Justice and Equity:

It is equal opportunity for access to the university and to the benefits of the exercise of its mission. It is the opportunity to be measured with the same criteria and mechanisms.



Is defined as the sense of identity and institutional affiliation reflected in the ability to make a collective effort.



As an educational institution, look for the full development of the individual in their dimensions ethical, moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic.



It refers to the conceptual space to realice the multiplicity of knowledge.



It refers to the combination of a set of rules and procedures for the exercise of power, control, opposition and collective decision making through referendums or instruments which ensure the broadest participation of the university community.

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