Mission and Vision

Institutional Mission

It is a state university linked to society and economy in all fields, creating and participating in networks and other forms of interaction.

It is a development center that creates, transforms, transfers, contextualizes, applies, manages, and exchanges knowledge in all its forms and expressions, giving priority to sustainable development in the Colombian Coffee ecoregion. 

Is a community of teaching, learning and practice, which interacts seeking the common good in an atmosphere of participation, dialogue, social responsibility and human development, characterized by pluralism and respect for difference; immersed in ongoing processes of planning, evaluation and control. 

It is an organization that learns and develops processes in all fields of knowledge, contributing to the improvement of society, to form responsible, ethical and critical citizens; leaders of a social and economic transformation. 

The Functional Mission allows it to offer services to public or private sectors based in its academic activity, through agreements or contracts for technical, scientific, artistic, consulting services or otherwise related to its mission Objectives.

Institutional Vision

By the year 2019, be a University of high quality, leader in the region and the country for its overall competitiveness in teaching, research, innovation, extension and management for a human development with responsibility and social impact, immersed in the international community.

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