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It has fallen to me to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the academic enterprise of this our beloved Universidad Tecnológica Pereira:  40 years of uninterrupted service to the community cannot pass unnoticed.  For this reason I have decided to use today's celebrations as the opportunity to illustrate all that the university has done and is doing of worth, an institution  which has become associated with the créme de la créme of society.

40 years of service are brought to a close at a time of great agitation and change in all spheres of university life: the space is changing physically with the construction of new buildings; there is academic change a foot with the accreditation of all our programmes and administrative reform through a series of measures created to bury the simplistic notion of reality that has had such a negative effect on the university's future.

In this last respect in particular I would like to draw attention to: the sharp increase in places for students wishing to enrol, the move to make English compulsory for students of all disciplines and the introduction of free intensive courses in English Language with this in mind.  Also the inclusion of the university in regional projects that contribute to local development.

We want to start the century with a new perception of what a university is: an institution that uses its autonomy to meet its objectives, that views the individual as a complex being interacting with their fellow members at a global level.  The university is no longer a place for the retrograde attitudes that consider the alma mater as no more than the passive instrument of mechanical learning.

Most of all we would like to start this new era by offering deserved thanks and recognition to all those people who through their determination and hard work made possible the temple of knowledge and home of study we see before us today.

Luis Enrique Arango Jiménez

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