Planetarium General Information

It is a moving simulator device, which represents in small scale the celestial sphere and 5000 stars visible to the naked eye under ideal conditions, planets, satellites, the sun and moon on a hemispherical dome representing the sky, simulating the prettiest night anyone can see, with a cloudless starry background.

In addition, the planetarium is able to reproduce the motions of the celestial sphere (day and year), with variable speeds. In this way, a typical night of any season can be seen in just a few minutes. Another type of motion allows the audience to see the sky from different latitudes, so that the viewer can be transported anywhere in the northern hemisphere of the earth and see different skies.


It also has other projectors to represent the planets, moon, sun, the ecliptic, the meridian, Ecuador, satellites, the pole, the horizon, the Milky Way and the figures of the constellations.
The planetarium is located in the center of a circular room of 8.0 meters in diameter, with 70 individual reclining chairs for the convenience of the visitors.

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