Vice Rectory of Administration

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The Vice-Rectory of Administration is the unit that advises and supports senior management in the formulation of plans, policies, projects and management and financial strategies for decision making. 

This unit has four working fronts which are: Administrative Management: Standards and regulations of administrative tasks, answering of complaints and claims, management of donations and organizational studies. 

Economic and Financial Management: Management of additional resources, technical and financial study of institutional projects, advice on preparation of project agreements and budget, calls for the allocation of resources, reporting to control agencies. Integrated Quality System: Advice, monitoring, and training for internal and external audits; and functional integration of management systems Accounts Unit: Verification and assurance of the requirements of service contracts processing and report of progress, orders of service and commission. 

To perform these fronts there is a staff structure, made by the Vice-Rector of Administration and a group of professionals, technicians and assistants.



Plan, manage, evaluate and control the processes efficiently, effectively and timely with concrete answers to the fundamental demands made in the fields of science, technology, arts and humanities. 



Achieve a high degree of administrative productivity and a high level of human development through a continuous improvement process and an organizational culture based on results

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