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  • One of the most important current challenges of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira is to have a close relationship with the environment, including large sectors of the community, the businesses, and the government; that enables it to have a positive projection through teaching, outreach, and research activities efficiently and effectively.

  • The processes of globalization and open economy, intercultural communication and the high pace of scientific and technological progress, put pressure on our lives, and require the development of communicative competence in one or more foreign languages to enable the participation, on equal terms, in global culture, without losing the sense of belonging to our culture.

  • The Humanities and Languages Department has been given the task of leading the establishment of the Institute of Foreign Languages of the UTP, aware of the growing demand for knowledge of foreign language, especially English, generated by the current cultural and economic development of our country.

  • Foreign languages also fulfill a role of paramount importance as a factor of human resource development abroad, as evidenced by the continued scholarships granted by foreign governments or international foundations. To access these programs successfully, a proficiency in a foreign language, such as English, is commonly asked for. Unfortunately, a lot of these offers are wasted (95%, according to the ICETEX), for not fulfilling this requirement.

General Objective

  • The main objective of the Institute of Foreign Languages of the UTP is to respond to the need that undergraduate students of the different programs offered by the University of proper comprehensive training in the management of a foreign language, preferably English, have. The students can opt for other languages like German and French, for example. This preparation will be fundamental to meet the requirement established by the university to demonstrate proficiency in English as a Foreign Language (Agreement 49 of November 9th, 2000 of the Academic Council of the UTP).

  • The institute will offer courses in foreign languages also directed to any person that requires it with or without connection to the college.

Specific Objectives

  • Offer language courses designed for an overall education of university students in preparation for taking the standardized tests necessary to fulfill the requirements demanded by the university.

  • Design and implement extension courses in foreign languages aimed to: - adults - children – postgraduate students - graduates - college students and of other universities - government agreements with educational institutions

  • Provide texts and interpreting translation services.

  • Provide consulting services to educational institutions for the development of programs.

  • Design and implement testing tools.

Syllabus design

The communicative approach of the English program is designed around the skills of listening, oral speaking, reading and writing. It has also been given a structural component that includes specific elements of grammar and vocabulary.

General Objectives

  • To learn the English language as a tool for knowledge sharing.

  • Acknowledge the importance of English as a universal language used to communicate with people, countries and cultures different from ours.

  • Differentiate characteristics of learning a foreign language in relation to other fields. 

  • Understand and critically evaluate the basic content of the heard messages. 

  • Express feelings, reactions and points of view in English.

  • Read texts using special strategies to appropriate the vocabulary, the grammar and have reading comprehension.

  • Assume and demonstrate a positive and self-learning attitude oriented to practicing English.

  • Gain awareness of the cultural component of the English language.

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