Vice-Rectory of Social Responsibility and University Welfare


Social responsibility and university welfare provides comprehensive training; human, social and cultural development and institutional support, in an atmosphere of participation, dialogue, ethics and critical thinking, contributing to education for social transformation, growth and development of the region and the nation. 


Have a university community with quality of life by strengthening the culture of welfare, being a leading coordinating body, committed to social development and reducing dropout in higher education. 


Plan, organize, direct, control, facilitate and evaluate the programs, projects and activities of university welfare, social responsibility and reduced dropout.


• Strengthen institutional well-being, which enables the quality of life of the university community. 

• Strengthen the institutional policy of social responsibility through the development and implementation of relevant activities. 

• Encourage the adaptation, retention and successful graduation of university community members, through a systematic monitoring, to strengthen their performance and self-regulation in university life

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