The university administration adopted a policy of decentralization and deconcentration. 

University management in all its forms will be framed in a continuous planning process. All activities in the university will be evaluated and the results will be utilized to continuously improve processes. 

The criteria and mechanisms to enter the university as a student or employee will ensure equal opportunities and selecting the best candidates. 

The investment in the university will be determined by the Institutional Development Plan. The university management conducts regular welfare programs for the entire university community. The range of academic programs must be the consequence of a social need. The academic activity will be directed to the articulation of teaching with research and extension. 

The academic work is directed towards strengthening the academic and interdisciplinary work. Promote the intellectual manifestations and support its disclosure. Allocate annually the budget funds in accordance with the requirements of approved research projects. 

Maintain ongoing relationships with the environment. Organize and strengthen academic supports. Ensure the university information system. Have an ongoing communication within the university and of this with the environment.


  • Transcend the profession-university model for the learning-university one where teaching, research and extension tends towards the overall development of man and society. 
  • Work for the continuous improvement of academic quality. Encourage University Welfare and promote the human development of all members.
  • Participate and promote various social development processes in order to contribute to the improvement of society. 
  • Encourage the participation of the university community. Increase university presence in the regional, national and international levels. 
  • Recover, strengthen and preserve the cultural values which promote the development of society. 
  • Promote the culture of the written tradition. Promote interdisciplinary.
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